We are pleased to introduce the NEW Fierce Mayhem LR Shotgun. This shotgun will fit perfectly in the Fierce Lineup of fine firearms. The Mayhem is only the beginning of more bird guns to be added in the future.

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The Fierce Life

The journey to building the ultimate hunting rifle began nearly 20 years ago.  A passion for hunting and the great outdoors has fueled that vision.  It has been a grind but it is now a reality.  Step into the Fierce Firearms factory, meet our team and travel the world with us in search of majestic big game.  This is the Fierce Life!
Most Recent: John Mogle (FLTV host and Fierce Firearms CEO) and James Hetfield (lead singer - Metallica) go after monster Colorado muleys!
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Join the Fierce Nation to earn discounts, represent Fierce and possibly be a part of our tv show, The Fierce Life.  You can join our Facebook page here and Instagram here.  Share with our fans some of your favorite Fierce moments from your own hunting/shooting adventures.  Our best Fierce Nation representatives will be selected as Team Members, enjoying the best discounts and repping as brand ambassadors for Fierce Nation.

About Fierce

Leading the Pack

Our custom rifles are built to the tightest tolerances in the custom gun industry. We use modern, space age materials, which keep our rifles light without compromising performance or accuracy. We lead the industry with our advanced manufacturing technology and procedures that produce components that are precise and to the tightest tolerances available in firearms. We are confident in our rifles and that is why we guarantee a ½-inch, 3-shot group at 100 yards with every Edge model and every rifle that goes out the door. A target is included for your proof of accuracy. sem.

Unmatched Accuracy Guarantee
.5" @ 100 yards x 3 (every model)

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