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At Fierce, we do our best to quality check every rifle.  We guarantee our rifles against any manufacturing problems or defects that exist in the rifle.  Since we provide a target showing a .50 MOA 3-shot group with the rifle after rifle completion, we have already proven the performance of each rifle before shipping to our customers.  In some circumstances, once rifles are delivered to our customers, the dynamics of performance can change based on the ammunition loads used, along with other varying circumstances in the use of the rifle.  

If you feel there are manufacturing problems with your rifle, please call (435) 462-0040 and speak with a sales representative about the problem.  If it's determined you need to send the rifle back, please use the "Rifle Return" form from the link below.

>> Download Repair/Return Form

After you have filled out the form, return it to the rep you have communicated with about repairs.

Any other questions you need to be answered, please fill out the form.

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