What is Fierce Nation

Fierce Nation is made up of our customers who represent our brand and share their positive experiences with Fierce Firearms online and by word-of-mouth. There is a pro-staff chapter of Fierce Nation that operates formally and has different promoted levels within.

What is the Fierce Nation ProStaff Team?

The Fierce Nation ProStaff Team is a group of people that have individually applied and been selected to represent theFierce Firearms brand all over the United States. They’re shooters, hunters, outdoorsmen and women. They are moms, dads, brothers and sisters. Some are first responders. Some are military and former military. They are writers, authors and hosts of YouTube channels and radio shows. Most of them have full time careers or many work within the industry. Ultimately, they are people who believe in what we are and what we do at Fierce Firearms and are willing to support the brand in their venue, whether it be at the range, a local gun store or on their social media platforms.

What does a Fierce Nation ProStaffer do?

Our ProStaffers are an extension of our company, specifically an extension of our marketing team. They are the face of our company to potential dealers, our customers, and to millions of people on television, radio, digital, and social media.

Each ProStaffer agreement may encompass different requirements specifically tied to the person’s exposure and strong points, but, ProStaffers may be asked to do any or some of the following activities:

  • Make sales representative introductions to dealers in their area
  • Make industry connections with people they know on behalf of Fierce
  • Attend events on behalf of Fierce
  • Create content (i.e. photographs, videos, article, etc.) for Fierce
  • Use and enjoy the Fierce Rifles and Products
  • Provide product feedback


Fierce Nation Podcast!

We love hearing from our customers/fans.  We try to grow our products through customer feedback.  As we work to perfect our craft, not only do we focus on working hard but we like to hunt hard too--as does the rest of our Fierce Nation family.  Jump onto our podcast where John Mogle, Matt Mogle (Beanbags) and Paul Cook from sales tackle fan questions from social media.



(FLTV) The Fierce Life features our two favorite pastimes... Building rifles and punching big game tags. There is no better way to show off the Fierce rifles than during live action in the field. Follow the Fierce crew and members of the Fierce Nation as we travel the world in search of wild hunting and shooting adventures.

Featured ProStaff Member

Trey Woods

"I grew up in the south and began hunting at a very young age with my father who is also a very accomplished hunter. He instilled the love of the outdoors in me and guided me to my first whitetail buck at age 6. I was hooked at that moment and hunted everything the river bottoms of the Mississippi River  had to offer, deer, duck, turkeys and squirrels. After college at LSU I went on my first big game hunt in Alaska for moose and caribou, well that did it; I began pursuing big game across all of North America. I have hunted extensively across North America as well as South America, Africa, and New Zealand to name a few.
I began shooting Fierce rifles about 5 years ago and after many custom rifles I find them to be the best on the market. When asked what my favorite Fierce caliber is? I usually respond “the one I don’t have yet.”
Come follow along as I live the FierceLife @treywoods68 on Instagram"


Featured ProStaff Member

Cody Draper

"My lifelong passion for hunting stems from many generations in my family. I am lucky to call Idaho my home state and I hit the hills hard every year to the fullest on as many opportunities as I can possibly find to hunt. I fell in love with Fierce Rifles 5 years ago and have been shooting the same rifle since on every hunt. My business in the hunting industry was launched in 2019 and is for the true DIY hunter who wants to take advantage of all the opportunities the west has to offer. The Business is called Hunt Planner and can be found at HuntPlanner.com. My team and I will place you where you need to be!"


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