Carbon Edge

Carbon EDGE

The Carbon Edge satisfies the demands of the serious hunter, offering the popular Edge model with a carbon barrel. Carbon offers the advantage of keeping your barrel free from expanding or shrinking in hot or cold conditions, allowing for shot-after-shot accuracy.  The carbon bull barrel offers an aesthetic that appeases those looking for a tough, enduring rifle and is cryogenically treated to relieve stress from the barrel before the carbon wrap is applied.

The Fierce Edge brings you custom performance and accuracy at a factory rifle price. The new Fierce Edge is truly a game changer in the shooting and hunting sport. You no longer have to overpay for accuracy. The Edge comes with a .50 MOA group guarantee at 100 yards and a validation target is included with every rifle. Another impressive feature of the Edge is the weight, coming in under six pounds. Fierce offers you a high caliber, long-range performing rifle at half the price of most custom rifles.

* All certified targets and our .50 MOA guarantee are provided with recommended loads.

* Limbsaver pad included.

Available stock patterns

Click on swatches to see full stock pattern and color example
 swatch-kuiu  swatch-kuiu  swatch-kuiu  swatch-kuiu  swatch-kuiu        
Kuiu Verde


Available action finishes

 Cerakote Titanium Gray   cerakote-armor black-swatch   cerakote-armor black-swatch   cerakote-armor black-swatch
Gray Cerakote
Black Cerakote Bronze Cerakote Tungsten


  • Model:
    Carbon Edge
  • Weight:
    6.6 lbs.
  • Barrel:
    Fierce C3 Carbon Barrel
  • Action
    Fierce Steel Action w/ 70º bolt throw
  • Certified
    .50 MOA proven target provided
  • Price
  • Muzzlebrake:
    Radial brake included. NIX upgrade: $+150


  • .22-250
    (twist: 1/12 | barrel: 24")
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
    (twist: 1/8 | barrel: 24")
  • 6.5 PRC
    (twist: 1/8 | barrel: 24")
  • 7mm-08
    (twist: 1/8 | barrel: 20-24")
  • .308 WIN
    (twist: 1/8 | barrel: 24")
  • 7mm Rem
    (twist: 1/8.5 | barrel: 24" & 26")
  • .28 Nosler
    (twist: 1/8.5 | barrel: 26")
  • .300 Win Mag
    (twist: 1/9 | barrel: 24")
  • .300 PRC
    (twist: 1/9 | barrel: 24")
  • .300 RUM
    (twist: 1/10 | barrel: 26")
  • .338 Lapua
    (twist: 1-10 | barrel: 26")
  • .375 H&H
    (twist: 1-8 | barrel: 24")
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