Fierce rifles will come with an accuracy guarantee at the time of purchase.  Each rifle model will have a specific guarantee i.e.  [.50 MOA, .75MOA]. The guarantee will be honored for the first (1) year of ownership.  Proof of Purchase must be provided to receive accuracy warranty work on your rifle.

Before sending your rifle in for accuracy warranty claim, ensure that you have addressed all possible issues that may be contributing to your inability to achieve the accuracy guarantee for your specific model.  Please contact a Fierce Firearms representative before sending your rifle back for review.  They will review your shooting practices and advise several possible solutions.  If you feel you have exhausted all options and there is still an issue with the rifle, make return arrangements with Fierce customer service representative.  Fierce will provide shipping label to return the rifle to Fierce HQ.

Please review and sign the ACCURACY GUARANTEE DISCLAIMER FORM before returning your rifle for accuracy issues.