Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18X56MM 4W-I 30MM

Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18X56MM 4W-I 30MM



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Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18X56MM 4W-I 30MM

The Z8i marks a milestone by SWAROVSKI OPTIK. This rifle scope’s 8x zoom and outstanding optics ensure that you couldn’t be better equipped for every type of hunting. The slim 30-mm central tube also blends seamlessly with any hunting firearm. In addition, the optional ballistic turret flex (sold separately) can provide you with maximum versatility in every hunting situation.

The illuminated Z8i 2.3-18×56 P L stands out for its high light transmission, especially when hide hunting at twilight. The magnification of up to 18x provides the details required for precise long-range shooting.

Only a high-luminosity rifle scope like the Z8i 2.3-18×56 P can deliver the crucial details even in poor light conditions and at twilight. This rifle scope therefore has excellent optics that delivers razor-sharp images even in challenging situations. The high magnification and detail accuracy also deliver impressive precision over long distances.

Midway is able to offer you this product at a great value because it has been used as a demo. It may have light handling marks, but still holds the same quality and warranty that is Swarovski.


Swarolight-Automatic shut-on and shut-off with inclination sensor for illuminated reticles, optimized electronics for higher battery life.
Swaroclean-Non-stick coating on the lenses makes it easier to clean away dirt such as water marks, insect repellents, or tree resin.
30mm Main Tube
3.75″ Eye Relief
Twilight/Day illumination Switch above eyepiece with 64 illumination levels combined
Lightweight at 25.6 ounces