Swarovski DS GEN II 5-25X52MM

Swarovski DS GEN II 5-25X52MM 40MM First Focal 4A-I Reticle Matte




Swarovski DS GEN II 5-25X52MM 40MM First Focal 4A-I Reticle Matte

The dS offers the total solution for shooting. It measures all the relevant parameters and uses them to calculate the correct aiming point. The intelligent technology provided by this rifle scope greatly simplifies shooting at different distances for hunters. It automatically displays the correct aiming point, taking into account the distance, air pressure, temperature, angle, magnification, and your personal ballistics data.

The dS 5-25×52 P Gen. II version comes in a slimmer design. The greater distance between the cockpit and the magnification adjustment ring makes it even easier to operate the adjustment ring when aiming. An illuminated circle, the aiming mark for distance measurement, appears after you press the measurement button and the measuring function is activated. If you release the measurement button, the measurement is triggered and the aiming point calculated from your entered data will appear. The reference mark is the central aiming point of the physical reticle. The instrument measures the exact distance and immediately calculates the exact aiming point using the set magnification, the air pressure, temperature and angle.

Made In Austria