Limited Lifetime Warranty

At Fierce Firearms we strive for perfection. We believe that we manufacture the finest high-end rifles on the market today. Because of the confidence we have in our craftsmanship of all of our products we are putting our money where our mouth is.

We are now officially announcing that Fierce Firearms has a limited lifetime warranty on all our firearms and components. What this means to you is that you can purchase a Fierce knowing that we have your back.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty assures you that every rifle that is shipped out our doors is free of manufacturing defects and meets our high-quality standards and guarantees. We stand behind the mechanical features and materials that we put in each rifle.

Since our warranty is limited, here is what that means and what is not covered. Our warranty covers basic wear and tear on your gun from shooting and operating the firearm. Warranty is transferable regardless of rifle changing owners.  Accuracy guaranty is valid for the first (1) year of ownership.

Accuracy Warranty

Fierce rifles will come with an accuracy guaranty at the time of purchase.  Each rifle model will have a specific guaranty i.e. .50MOA or .75MOA (with appropriate ammunition).  The guaranty will be honored for the first 1 year of ownership.  Proof of purchase must be provided to received accuracy warranty work on your rifle.  If you have further questions about the Fierce Accuracy Guaranty please contact a Fierce Representative.

What Is Covered

Examples of coverage:

  • Your carbon fiber stock cracks from recoil or bi-pod installation (assuming bi-pod was installed correctly)
  • You break your extractor
  • Your mag box breaks
  • Your firing pin breaks or your firing pin spring is not working properly
  • Your trigger has crept in or will not adjust
  • Accuracy Guaranty for the first (1) year of rifle ownership


What Is Not Covered

Examples of non-coverage:

  • You roll your 4-wheeler on your gun, the stock breaks, and you smash your bolt handle
  • You shoot out your barrel from too many hot loads, or over time
  • You break the bolt from hammering it
  • Accuracy Guaranty after (1) year of rifle ownership